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Upcoming Mums and Bubs starting 22nd and 26th June

Our next 6 weeks Mums annd Bubs yoga course starts Monday 22 June - 10.30 a.m. (finishes 3rd Aug) and Friday 26th June - 11.30 a.m. (finishes 7 Aug).
Get a few fiends together or your mothers group and enjoy a stretch with your baby.
Its social, energising and fun. Contact Sarah on 0414 762 191


Pre and Postnatal Class relocation

Sarah’s Pre and postnatal classes are now at Amusu studio - which is at 2/549 Darling Street, Balmain, Sydney (see google map below)

(Call Sarah 0401-762-191)

Prenatal Class Relocation

We have managed to get space for Sarah’s prenatal classes at level 1, 1a national lane Rozelle.

Classes there start on Wed 28th November. (Call Sarah 0401-762-191)

Prenatal - Wednesday 615-730. pm
Sat 10-115 am

There is also an Open class on Saturday 8-930am .

Timetable Changes - week 29 Oct - 4 Nov

7 pm classes on Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Thursday 1st are cancelled. Tuesday 7pm Foundation class has shifted to Wednesday 7pm. Saturday 7am shifted to join 8.45 am class.

4 Additional Mums & Bubs classes

Sarah has added 4 additional Mums and Bubs classes between blocks 2 and 3 ($70 for the 4 - note the weeks are not consecutive)
- 28 May
- 4 June
- 18 June
- 16 July

Easter Timetable Changes

Only the Saturday Prenatal class is on this weekend.

No 7 pm class on Thursday 5th or Monday 9th.

Happy Easter

Mums & Bubs Yoga Class back on

The Mums and Bubs class with Sarah is back on again starting on Monday 27th Feb (2012).

The classes run in 6 week blocks - a block costs $110.

The actual class runs from 11.30 am - 12.30 pm. However we recommend that you come at 11.00 am. This will give you time to feed your baby and settle it in to the environment.

For more info you can call Sarah on 0414 762 191


Australia Day Timetable Change

There will be no classes on Australia Day

Christmas break - Pre and Postnatal Yoga Updates

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Updates

Happy Christmas and New Year.

A quick update for the Christmas and New Year period

School Closed for Christmas

We will be closed over Christmas and New Year. The last Prenatal Class for the year is this Wednesday 23rd December. The first class in the New Year will be on Saturday 7th January.

Sarah away till the end of January

Sarah is away till the end of January and Alex and Megan will be taking all the classes

Expressions of Interest - Mums and Bubs class on Mondays 11-12 starting Feb 2012


Sarah is looking to restart a weekly Mums and Bubs class on Monday mornings from 11-12 in February if there is efficient interest.

It will be structured as a 6 week block - cost $110 for the six classes.

We can't have drawing babies because it is too dangerous.

We request that you come half an hour early to feed and settle the babies.

Please email us if you are interested.

Classes Changes for the week Monday 18th till Saturday 23rd July

Alan is in the USA - please note the following class changes

If Sarah can teach the classes she will. If she can’t get help with the kids Heidi will here and you can do a free self practice or copy Heidi.

Monday 18th 7-8.30 pm - either self practice with Heidi (no charge) or Taught class with Sarah
Tuesday 19th 7-8.30 pm - either self practice with Heidi (no charge) or Taught class with Sarah
Wednesday 20th 7-8.30 pm - either self practice with Heidi (no charge) or Taught class with Sarah
Thursday 21st 7-8.30 pm - either self practice with Heidi (no charge) or Taught class with Sarah
Saturday 23rd 7-8.30 am - either self practice with Heidi (no charge) or Taught class with Sarah

Sarah's Dawn Frazer Classes move to The Yoga Place for Winter

Sarah is bringing her yoga classes from Dawn Frazer swimming pool back to The Yoga Place for Winter.

These are one hour classes that start next week

- Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am (starting 4th May)

- Sundays 8.00-9.00am (starting 8th May)

Easter Class Timetable

With the exception of the prenatal class on Saturday morning we will be closed from Thursday 21st and reopen with the 7pm class on Wednesday the 27th April.

Happy Easter.

Prenatal Class for Saturday 12 March Cancelled

Sorry to cancel the prenatal class at such short notice. Sarah has just called in sick and I have been unable to source a replacement teacher at such short notice. If you have a class pass we will extend its validity by one week.

Mums & Bubs Timetable changes M0n 14,21 and 28 March

Unfortunately we have to cancel the next Mums & Bubs classes because Sarah is away and we can’t find a replacement for these days and times. The classes that are cancelled are Monday 14th, 21st and 28th March.

Saturaday 4pm class on 29 Jan Cancelled

Due to Sarah’s 40th birthday celebrations on Saturday 29th Jan we have had to cancel the 4pm class.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Birthday Sarah Moore

Sarah is 40 today! Happy birthday Sarah.

May your next 40 be even better than this 40.

Sarah has been teaching at the Yoga Place for more than six years now and looks after the Kids, Prenatal and postnatal yoga.

She also does private classes if you are interested.

Mums & Bub's timetable changes and Newsletter

Mum and Bubs

Classes over Christmas

There will be no classes running on:
Monday 13
th Dec
Monday 27
th Dec
Monday 3
rd Jan 2011

There will be a class on:
Monday 20
th Dec

Classes will begin again after the New Year on Monday 10
th Jan 2011

Kids Yoga Newletter June 2010

Kids Yoga Newsletter - The Yoga Place - June 2010

Kids yoga at The Yoga Place has been a fun packed term.

We have been using different themes to guide the kids through their practice - such as the rainforest, going to the beach or being in the country.

Designing the kids’ yoga around these themes keeps the classes fun and free, so the kids can explore their bodies their awareness about themselves and those around them.

With these classes the kids start to move in and out of yoga poses which represent animals, nature or feelings depending on the theme of the week.
For example: Standing tall like a tree

Or stretching out their spine in down dog

These poses then get incorporated into yoga games, songs, artwork and partner work which challenges the kids minds and co ordinates body awareness.

All the cla
ss are fun and active. They are designed to flow with kids’ attention spans and active imaginations which makes the classes quite different to adult classes.

The true essence of yoga will always underlay any class. Yoga unites the body and mind. By using many different tools form yoga the kids will slowly develop self awareness, mindfulness and meditation to find stillness and their own truth within themselves.

Kids’ yoga is the first seed in ones life to a fuller and happier self which will always shine through into ones life whatever age.

Teaching kids’ yoga is so rewarding because of this. I hope that the essence of yoga stays with all the kids who come to these classes even if they stop practicing on a yoga mat.

Sarah Moore (facilitator and teacher)

Post Natal get together and information tea

Sarah is hosting a get together for existing and potential new post natal yoga mums at Charlotte's Cafe, 127 Rowntree Street, Birchrove at 12.00 on 1st July.

If you have any queries call Sarah on 0414-762-191

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Mums and Bubs Timetable Change - next 2 weeks

The next two Mums and Bubs classes - usually scheduled for Monday 19th and 26th April 11.00 am - have been rescheduled to Thursday 22nd and 29th April 2.00-3.00 pm.

Call Sarah if you have any queries 0414-762-191

Easter 2010 Class Times

On Saturday we will run two classes

7 am Level 1
8.45 Beginners

The Prenatal class and the 4pm level 1 class will not be on.


No classes on Easter Monday

Sarah's Sunday Morning Class returns 9am 2nd May

Sarah's Sunday morning Dynamic Yoga class is returning on Sunday 2nd May, 9.00-10.00am, now that Dawn Frazer Swimming pool is closed for the season.

Post Natal Classes time change to Monday

The Post Natal Mums and Bubs class is changing to Mondays. It will be a one hour class 11.00 - 12.00

Any queries call Sarah on 0414-762-191

Sri K Pattabhi Jois : 1915 - 2009

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Guruji Sri K Pattabhi Jois following a battle with ailing health. He died at 2.30pm 18 May Indian local time.

New Sunday Morning Class

Sarah has a New Dynamic Hatha Yoga class on Sunday Mornings 8.45-9.45 am.

The first class is in Sunday 14 th June.

New level one class on Wednesday nights 8.30-9.30 p.m. starts on the 7th March

Due to demand - for all of you professionals who work late, and mother's who have partners who get home late - we are starting a level 1 class on Wednesday nights. It will run from 8.30 - 9.30 p.m. and it starts on the 7th of March.

Modifying your yoga practice (and exercise) during your menstrual cycle - new scientific results highlight specific danger times and zones

Menstrual cycle injury risk link

Back pain is particularly common
Women are more likely to injure themselves at specific times in their menstrual cycle, research suggests.
London's Portland Hospital surveyed 1,000 osteopaths, and studied 17 women with a regular menstrual cycle.
The study suggests the risk of injury is linked to fluctuating hormone levels which affect the muscles and ligaments.
Both tissues appear to be vulnerable midway through the menstrual cycle, while the ligaments are at greater risk at the end.

This is significant for women everywhere who can plan their schedules around their cycles and avoid potentially painful injuries

Rebecca Morrison
British School of Osteopathy
Midway through the cycle, the level of the female sex hormone oestrogen, which gives strength to muscles and ligaments, drops dramatically, resulting in sudden weakness.
At the end of the cycle levels of another hormone, relaxin, rise.
This is to allow the cervix to open so that menstruation can occur, but it also means the ligaments in general are softened.
The researchers found that strains and other injuries were more likely at both these stages.
Loose joints
Lead researcher Dr Stephen Sandler, an experienced osteopath, said: "There was a clear link between hormone levels and laxity of joints, making women more vulnerable to injury."

I take good care of my back and regularly go to yoga and Pilates but would hurt my back just by bending down to tie my shoelaces up

Rona Call,
Dr Sandler compared hormone levels in the blood with the laxity of the forefinger joint.
He found joint laxity increased throughout the hormone cycle, then reverted back to normal once the period began.
His results also mean that women on the combined pill, who do not experience sudden drops in their oestrogen levels, are less likely to experience injury as the result of loosened joints.
Dr Sandler said: "I had noted that, whereas men often came to me with injuries due to sport or over-exertion, women often couldn't explain why simple acts like reaching down to pick something up had caused injury and pain."
Dr Sandler's survey found 21% of oestopaths' female patients reported pain in days 12-14 of their cycle and 17% in days 24-26.
The majority of pain reported mid-cycle was lumbar or pelvic, compared with lumbar or neck pain at the end of the cycle.

Mysterious pattern
Rebecca Morrison, of the British School of Osteopathy, said: "Studies have shown before that female athletes and those engaged in recreational sport were more prone to injury at certain times in their cycle and now we understand why.
"This is significant for women everywhere who can plan their schedules around their cycles and avoid potentially painful injuries.
"It will also aid therapists in the rehabilitation of their patients."
Rona Call, 35, a patient of Dr Sandler at The Portland Hospital, said she found she was always putting her back out at the same time every month.
She said: "I take good care of my back and regularly go to yoga and Pilates but would hurt my back just by bending down to tie my shoelaces up.
"This research will empower women to help protect themselves and prevent injury."
Last year Swedish researchers found sportswomen were more prone to injuries at certain times during their menstrual cycle.
(Source: BBC)

Prenatal Class changes from Wednesday to Thursday starting 15 Feb 07

Sarah has college studies on Wednesday nights so we are shifting the old Wednesday 5.45-6.50 pm. Prenatal class to Thursday 5.45-6.55 pm.. The last Wednesday class will be on 7 Feb and the first Thursday class will be on the 15th Feb.