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Kids Yoga Newletter June 2010

Kids Yoga Newsletter - The Yoga Place - June 2010

Kids yoga at The Yoga Place has been a fun packed term.

We have been using different themes to guide the kids through their practice - such as the rainforest, going to the beach or being in the country.

Designing the kids’ yoga around these themes keeps the classes fun and free, so the kids can explore their bodies their awareness about themselves and those around them.

With these classes the kids start to move in and out of yoga poses which represent animals, nature or feelings depending on the theme of the week.
For example: Standing tall like a tree

Or stretching out their spine in down dog

These poses then get incorporated into yoga games, songs, artwork and partner work which challenges the kids minds and co ordinates body awareness.

All the cla
ss are fun and active. They are designed to flow with kids’ attention spans and active imaginations which makes the classes quite different to adult classes.

The true essence of yoga will always underlay any class. Yoga unites the body and mind. By using many different tools form yoga the kids will slowly develop self awareness, mindfulness and meditation to find stillness and their own truth within themselves.

Kids’ yoga is the first seed in ones life to a fuller and happier self which will always shine through into ones life whatever age.

Teaching kids’ yoga is so rewarding because of this. I hope that the essence of yoga stays with all the kids who come to these classes even if they stop practicing on a yoga mat.

Sarah Moore (facilitator and teacher)